Clean Cut Translation
Project Management System

Run Your Translation Business like You are the World Leading LSP.

Want to make every project easy to track, organize, outsource, invoice, automate, archive and find?

ERP Tool for the Digital Age LSP and Translation Agency Owners and Project Managers!

Coming Soon(1):

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    Finance Managemen
  • Advanced Client Pricing
  • Automations
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    And More of a Secret Sauce! :) 
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    Seriously, I can't tell you more!

Already here:

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    Up to 10 users from your company(2)
  • Advanced Client Pricing
  • Advanced Vendor Pricing
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    Vendor and Client Management
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    Workflow Management
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    Super easy translation task tracking
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    Unlimited number of Language Pairs
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    Unlimited number of Clients
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    Unlimited number of Vendors
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    Unlimited number of Tasks
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    Unlimited number of Units
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    Unlimited ...

If you have been struggling with offline and online spreadsheets for too long, and know that you need just a wee bit more power, well, it's the time to unleash the beast!

Throw your Excel Sheets out the Window(3) and join the new era of Tools for Running Small Business!

MiniTPMS has the most important functions for project managers and business owners. It combines 19 years of experience in both these roles, along with the latest cutting edge online technology. Run your business from anywhere, the way you only dreamed about before!

Anytime, Safe, Secure

You'll be able to work at 2AM or 9PM, it doesn't matter. The machines never sleep, and they are always at your disposal. But only at Your disposal.

We take security seriously not only in development, but also in the hardware we use. Our servers are based in a state-of-the-art facility with top-notch (yes, I know I am using standard BS lingo, but it's true) security features, as it is true for most SaaS companies. We need to make sure what we do and what we have, is non breach-able.

Anywhere, Faster, Faster

Work on your projects from the furthest point of the World, just as easy as if you were in the same room where your servers are. All you need is Internet access.

Once You dive deep in miniTPMS you'll realize how serious we are about speed in all areas: hardware, software, user collaboration and experience.  Do amazing things with only a couple of clicks and repeat our mantra: the less clicks the better, the less clicks the better, the less clicks the better... 

No useless information, no redundant information, no screen stuffing with irrelevant data.

What's in it for Me?

If you are a Translation Project Manager or a company owner, MiniTPMS helps You to streamline and automate business processes, save time and money all while you will make your clients go 'wow'! 

‚ÄčIt's an easy to use tool for any modern business owner in the translation industry.

Use it to de-clutter your company and create order in an otherwise chaotic situation. 

Who and Why is miniTPMS created for?

Mini TPMS is specially designed for owners and project managers in translation and localization companies with less people on staff. If there are 200 employees in your company, this is not the best choice for You.

But if you have 2-10 in-house colleagues and work for both bigger translation agencies as well as end clients, this translation and localization project management system will make your life easier.

We created this tool for YOU! Because we have had the same problems. The mess. The lost files. The forgotten deadlines. The unsaved spreadsheets which after 3 hours of work doesn't really look good. The $2 cent difference in your spreadsheets and the invoicing programs which makes you crazy. 

We know where your frustration comes from. And we are here to help you eliminate it like a Terminator!

Is MiniTPMS a good choice for Your translation business? 

YES, if You are an agency owner or a PM, and have too much on your plate, and need a non-sleeping, no-sick, no-vacation-time "mate".

YES, if it is hard to keep track of day-to-day translation projects, finances, colleagues, vendors, clients, reference material etc. 

YES, if you are tired of data you can't find, people you can't find, projects you can't find, and the time you lose while looking for it in a wrong place. 

YES, if you are tired of wasting 3 days each month checking, re-checking and searching for the errors in invoices you based on spreadsheets.

We only have one question left!

Would you like to know how You can make your life easier? Do you want to start working smarter, working less, and still make more money? Then click the link, and join our e-mail series about it(4).