Story of an OverWorked Translation Agency Owner (click to reveal)

The Group of Visionary Early Adopters who Help Bring to Life and Improve a Translation Management System that Works For You Requires Your Attention

If you have been in the Translation and Localization industry for a while, maybe you have related to the story above. I know I did. 

Do you still struggle with: 

    • Excell sheets to track your projects
    • piles of forgotten unread E-mails to remind you that a task is not finished, or to send notifications, project files, to stay in touch with your colleagues, translators, etc.
    • Editable PDFs or Word "templates" to create invoices for your clients - who laugh at you because of this
    • Complete chaos on your hard disk to keep and organize the files you or your colleagues are working on

And you KNOW there must be: 

    • Better solutions than Excel
    • Better ways than marking an e-mail unread
    • Better Invoicing systems then "hand written" ones 
    • Better repositories to save files so that they are never lost...

It keeps you up at night, because you are wasting too much time on repetitive tasks,

you hate all the extra administration every week, month, quarter that all these un-sorted data create for you.

You hate the disorganised finances, file systems, vendor data, client requests... and that all the colleagues are so dependent on you.

You ... ​

    • ... own or work for a Small Translation Company dealing with End Clients and LSP's alike
    • ... want to centralize data, processes and finances for all your clients, in-house colleagues, freelancers, and companies who work for you
    • ... are finally ready to standardize your directory structure
    • ... want one place to store all your contracts, CVs, Quality Assessment documents, ... 
    • ... hate the chaos of paper-based project tracking
    • ... want to know exactly who are your best Vendors
    • ... want to know the availability of your freelancers
    • ... are fed-up with 17 different Spreadsheets for tracking income, expenses, projects, freelancers
    • ... have projects, clients, vendors and others you want to reach even when you are out of Office
    • ... have had it with manually sending tons of e-mail every day
    • ... have had it with complicated systems that do all but what's necessary (this is one of the reasons we started developing our own)

If you agreed with at least 5 bullet points from those above:

You need a system that knows how to do all this instead of you!

If you are one of those who understand the value of time, and is tired of "selling" time or wasting it on administrative, repetitive, or boring tasks, then ... 

Get the Mini Translation Project Management System right Now!

it's right in front of you, all you need to do is click a button!



And we need YOU to help us finalize the functionality and fund some steps of the creation.


We made miniTPMS available to only handful of Early Adopters in 2Q 2017. After that, the Early Adopters Club was more or less unaccessible. 

But now the doors are open again, and you can become the part of the awesome: we want You to also be an early adopter and beta-tester. Actually we'll pretend those things are the same. Even if they aren't. Who cares.

In return, to any of those who invest now in miniTPMS, we guarantee life-time low monthly prices (actually lowest it will ever be), and the possibility to have an active role on what new features to install or existing features to re-make to fit your company better.

If you are the pioneer of this industry, if you're the one who knows how to craft this already awesome system to be better, then this is the best place for you to be.​

Who is this for?

If you are a translation agency owner, employee, director, manager, project manager, ... 

If you are anyone who needs all the jobs to be done better and earlier, this is for you. This software might fit Your business like a glove, save you time and money and is the best damn thing after sliced bread. And beer. And steak. Ok, after a lot of things. But still pretty damn great!

After years and years spent looking for one, paying tons of money for one, we found that:

    • most of the Systems out there are super complicated to use and not intuitive
    • every TMS that even resembles our needs is utterly overpriced
    • a lot of them have a ton of useless features
    • they don't make life easier for PMs, Freelancers, Clients, actually they make our lives harded
    • and there are prone to error making, missing even the most down to earth validation structures... 
    • ... I could go on for hours, but will spare you the rest of frustration for now!

So we set out mission to create a

user friendly, intuitive system designed
for small translation / localization agencies

A system that is easy to use. That saves time. That helps you hit those profit margins. Last but not least, a system that is error-proof.

Because people are people. They will make mistakes. Always. We all do. I'm probably making too much of them. But the software we are using and creating to help us run our business should be able to spot and possibly even correct these mistakes.

This is what we want to avoid:

  • Duplicate Data - ever got a strange look from your Client because you accidentally charged the same project twice?
  • Lost and Forgotten Client or Vendor prices - some software will want you to enter the price each and every time, how can you possibly remember prices for hundreds of clients?
  • Lost and Forgotten Client or Vendor prices - some software will want you to enter the price each and every time, how can you possibly remember prices for hundreds of clients.

Most of software available today is not able to do all that. Actually, every step in the process would make me angry because of how much it calls for errors in data-entry. And that is the death of productivity. You need to double check everything. Or triple check. Well, to heck with that.

At this early stage, miniTPMS already knows how to handle a lot of this frustrations, but now it is YOUR TURN:

Help us create a system that you will love so much, you'll be thinking how could you have ever lived without it.

A small, user friendly, and fast TMS that can track all your business projects, finances, resources...

A system so easy to use, even your 19 year old temp who started today can figure it out in 12 minutes flat. Or you know, your minion. A dog. Ok, maybe not a dog. But anyone with at least a little brain.

A system so sexy, so cool, that you will want to lick it.

There's a group of well educated, superbly trained minions who are great in UX creation and testing and they are already on this up to their necks. But that is only the surface. That is the chassis, the outer look, the make up.

MiniTPMS is Realistic. Awesome. Ever Evolving. But Not Free.

​Now that we got that out of the line, here's a little secret about MiniTPMS:

It's in the creation for the very purpose of automating a complex translation agency having in mind the following important things:

  • working both for end clients, and bigger translation agencies​
  • workflows easy to create and follow
  • for as many language pairs as you want
  • for as many colleagues as you want
  • finally an easy to understand financials instead of complicated numbers that don't say sh..t
  • finally you will be able to set client and vendor pricing that is not flat as a pancake, but complex, built for each customer, project, client, vendor separately - yet extremely easy to understand and use
  • easy to pick translators, editors, other colleagues based on previous projects, their quality score, availability or other criteria

And all of it is at this stage possible for a fraction of the value and the real price (this is NOT going to be the cheapest SaaS out there), with a life-time discount for those who get in early. The structure we're offering at the moment is below.

Join The Revolution Today

The prices will go higher as we create new features and integrate new services!



Excellent choice for MicroCompanies.

Max 2 Users

Next price change: TBD​

  • Intuitive, Easy Project Tracking
  • Workflow Management
  • Advanced Finance Model
  • Customisable Reports
  • Invoicing Made Easy
  • All Data At One Place
  • Redundant Storage With Crash Protection
  • Advanced Data Security

€49.20 / month


$62.04 / month

You're 100% protected.
No commitment, cancel any time.



For agencies who want to grow.

Up to 10(*) Users For Lifetime

Locked-in Low Cost For Lifetime

  • ​Everything from Stratus +
  • Up to 10(*) users from your company
  • Easy File System 
  • Vendor Assessment Tool
  • Commenting Platform: In-House or External
  • Integrated Quotation System
  • Advanced Vendor Availability

€77.05 / month


$90.94 / month

You're 100% protected.
No commitment, cancel any time.

(*) 10 in-house Users (Translators, PMs, Finance, Managers, etc). Vendors and Clients do not count here.
Need more users? Contact us Directly!

​We talk openly about this, we already told that there is a catch, so here it is:

  • once you start using the TMS, we'd like to hear from you in a form of testimonial (video, mail, online, Facebook, whichever)
  • we expect a little flexibility and patience, good sh..t takes time to create, and
  • we ask you to spread the word about us among your friends (if you like it), or among your competitors (if you hate it)

Finally if you join now, you'll be granddaded at this price until the end of time, or until you know, you cancel (but you wouldn't want to cancel).

Even when the price goes to $497 a month (sooner or later it will) you will still get it for the price you pay today.

Even when we integrate dozen new services, nothing changes for you.

Even when you won't believe how cheap you got it in the first place, we will still give it to you at the price you got in today.

Because that's how we roll, baby!

What now?

Pick your plan, and come to the future with us!

Freelancers who outsource, Microagencies,
Limited to max 2 Users: 

€49.20/month for Life-Time ​

Or pay in USD

$62.04/month for Life-Time ​

Agencies, small or bigger: Life-time Small Cost up to 10 Users from Your Company(*):

€77.05/month for Life-Time ​

Or pay in USD ​

$90.94/month for Life-Time ​

(*) 10 in-house Users (Translators, PMs, Finance, Managers, etc). Vendors and Clients do not count here.
Need more users? Contact us Directly!

Your Purchase is 100% Safe. No Commitment. Cancel any time
(but trust me, you will not want to cancel)

What next?

It's time to make a decision today. If you wait, you will only wait to see that you missed the opportunity to fix your spot at the very beginning. And trust me, after 20 years in this industry, if you are the slightest serious about this business, you, my friend, will gonna need one of these softwares.

Fasten your seat-belts, my​ friends, 'cause we're about to liftoff.

Stay well,

the Local Sheriff at miniTPMS