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(*) "Free" means you still have to pay for Initial Setup (95,00 EUR)
but the Monthly Fees will be charged only after 6 months, one per month

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What is Included in the Montly Fee?


Short answer: everything, except for the Major Integration Module. This module includes integration with Dropbox, memoQ, SDL etc. But these are not yet available anyway, so don't worry about that just yet.

You get: unlimited users, unlimited projects, workflows etc, fully functional software that you can set up to your liking and start using. 

Except for the Major Integration Module, You also get ALL our future updates, bug fixing, all the times, no questions asked. You even have a saying in what to develop next.

Oh and, you also get the prices grandfathered, which means, they never change. 

You also get 1 hour of support for setting your server up. Usually this is enough.

And finally, 1 hour of direct free support per month (like, skype talks kind of support - the e-mail etc support is, and always will be, free of charge)

Why the 95 EUR Initial Fee?


Great question! In miniTPMS every client gets its own database and server Instance, which means, that before you can use miniTPMS we need to create a lot of things for you:
- server instance, databasees, basic settings, and server setups.

This takes time and resources, not only from us but also from companies involved in server security, hosting companies, etc.

That is what you are paying for, basically:
- a little bit of hosting in your life,
- a little bit security by your side,
- a little bit of setup is all you need 🙂 

What if I want to Cancel the Subscription?


The initial 95 EUR is non refundable, sorry. Also, see the answer above.

But the rest is "cancel any time, and thou shall never be billed again". Unless you come back and you subscribe again. Then you will be. 

Beware, if you paid on 1st and you cancel on 2nd, you won't get a refund. Only future payments will be cancelled. (Actually, if it comes to that, let's talk, we're one of them reasonable people, meaybe we'll refund that one day... )


What if I need help, find a bug, want support, etc?


Good one. Thank you for asking.

First, check if our support website already has an answer to your question. To do so, go here:

If this doesn't answer your question, please write to our support team on support -at-, and someone will sort you out.


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