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It's the 30th. As a business owner, this should be the time when you look at your reports to see how much money you made in the past month.

Ha, you wish. Instead of that, you turn around and see...

Except for you, the office is dark and empty. Your two project managers have left 3 hours ago. Bill forgot to send you his spreadsheet data. You call him at home asking him to put it somewhere on your dropbox account. He says "ok, in half an hour". Because he's having dinner.

Katherine did her part. She just didn't send the purchase orders for that month to vendors.

You like the new deal that you send PO only once a month. But if Katie and Bill don't send them out, you need to do it. "When will I ever get a break?" you are thinking "When was the last time I had not been working overtime?" 

You just remembered, there is still a 2,300-word legal translation you need to edit by tomorrow morning because you forgot to send it to your editor. You also translate sometimes because this is what you are used too. But administration takes up too much of your time.

You feel you're overwhelmed. It's too much work for one person.

Purchase orders, client invoices, vendor payments, running your agency... fixing problems Bill made when he was in a bad mood. Covering for Katie when she has to go pick up her kid from School... 

And you still have to copy his Excel table, and Katie's Excel table into your own so that you have combined data for the last month.

You look to your left to find a pile of business related invoices that you forgot to put into your spreadsheet.

Gas bills, the bill for printer papers you bought last week, the one for pencils and staples. You don't even remember what this small one from Office Depot is anymore.

Your head is about to explode. You need to clone yourself. Or hire an office manager. Which is so expensive you are not sure you can afford it. Not with these projects, and these project margins that is.

Or... there is is another solution. You just realize, you could... 

Get a software created to fix exactly these troubles. Created by people who were struggling with the very same problems for 18 years. Created exactly for you and your company!

Hi, my name is Nenad Andricsek and I am the creator of miniTPMS: a light-weight translation management system developed for small translation agencies.

My team and my company is a small business in the Translation industry. But we're no ordinary agency. The agency part is the smallest part.

The biggest is project management and coordination for one of our big corporate clients. We're talking dozens of languages, tens of new projects daily, millions and millions of words processes, sent, received, 'engineered'...

For 7 years this project was on hold because we didn't commit to move from our old project tracking system which already saves our client a LOT of money per year.

But now we decided to use the knowledge and create a new system for small agencies who want to save their own money on management, coordination, file handling and of course all the administrative tasks.

Minitpms holds all Your important data at one place. This way you can check the following at any time, all the time, in real time:

Finance reports - income and expenses

Projects - ongoing, finished, announced, due or God forbid Overdue

Clients and their data

Vendors and their data

All in one place, carefully grouped so that you can get the most precise data you are looking for.

The level of details that will blow your mind.

Speedy project entry to make even the smallest projects profitable.

Workflow management that you can set up for any of your customers, or for all of them and change it on the go.

This is the future nobody is talking about.

This is the system your clients, vendors and colleagues will like.

This is the software that will make your competitors hate you.

This is the thing that makes a difference between a business 'dream' of an amateur entrepreneur wannabe, and a professionally managed company.

And Now this software can be Yours!

MiniTPMS is a small, lightweight Translation Project Management System created by people who have been working in the translation and localization industry for quarter of a century. It's created with the help of Freelancers, Project Managers, and Agency owners and is aimed for small companies who want to be more efficient in their work.

During our time in the industry we have seen all kinds of needs, wishes, solutions and tried to customize our system to serve these needs and solutions. We realise there is no "one size fits all" TMS out there, but we firmly believe that our is the closest to something a small translation agency would need, and here is why:

We kept in mind that the center point of any company, not only translation agencies, are the people in it, people working for it, and people it is working for.

The system will help you grow your business if you: 

  • Work both for End Clients and other bigger Translation Agencies
  • Want Your colleagues to have the most important data at their fingertips, 
  • Want your Project Managers to be able to easily work with their Resources and Clients
  • Want to have a good overview of day-to-day finances, anytime, anywhere
  • Want to make the life of Your Freelancers and Vendor Companies much easier
  • Understand the power of automation,
  • Need easily created financial or workload reports,
  • Know that a central data repository is an amazing asset to your company,
  • Value that you can enhance project communications between your teams, and
  • You are a fan of one-click solutions.

If you want to know more, check the main page or contact us directly.

Note: when you send us a mail, I will respond to you directly. Yeah, I'm kind of a Customer centric freak.

Company data:

Envelor Szolgáltató Kft., 1162 Budapest, Háromszéki utca 15. EU VAT ID: HU11724191

No, we don't have a customer support phone, write us an e-mail.

If You Likey, Spread the love, Y'All

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