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“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” - Bill Gates

Are You a Lazy Manager?

If You were asked to describe yourself in couple of words, it most certainly would not be "I'm a lazy one". Right? Translation Business Owners or Translation Project Managers are nothing but dedicated, hard working people. Now... 

Be honest: do you agree that people in the translation and localization industry work too hard? The answer is mostly yes. Late hours. Saturdays. Holidays. Not because you fear you would lose your job, or that your client would ditch you for a "good looking blonde" (guy or girl, doesn't matter). Both these things can happen, of course. But this is not what drives you.

What drives you is passion.

Passion for languages, for creativity, for experiencing the "birth" of a new product, for "good and easy" or "bad and complex" projects. Passion for creating processes, organizing teams of multiple colleagues across the world, and seeing them all work together until you deliver the perfect language product back to your customer.

But then comes a cold shower!

You Need an Easy to Use System
For People Who Hate  Administration

In order to make your business work, you need to "know your numbers". You are perfectly aware of that. You need to know your numbers now. Today and tomorrow. All the time. Tasks cannot be forgotten. Projects cannot be delivered late. You feel goosebumps when finishing a project and delivering it back to your clients on time. And you feel ecstasy when you deliver before time!

But boy, how you hate those days when the only thing you are doing is copying Number of Words or Hours, some other Amounts of some other Units, Currencies from one Excel sheet to another, trying to make it work... from one list to another, searching through mails what quote did you give to Customer A and what to Customer B? 

The mere thought of Invoicing your clients and creating Purchase Orders for your vendors - even though it is thrilling (you'll finally get paid) - makes you want to turn around in your bed and sleep "just five more minutes, mom, please!" 

Is there a "Green Pill" you can take to make this pain go away? - You are thinking to yourself.

Good news, the answer is: YES!

Enter feature rich, fast and easy to use, clean cut management system for LSPs and Agencies.

We're Making Paper-work Fun Again

Forget about the headaches of boring administrative tasks. No more painful manual checking of numbers. No more endless synchronizing between five online and offline spreadsheets.

Use our technology to better organise your projects, tasks, vendors, clients, accounting, and finally enjoy creating invoices to your clients in couple of clicks. Have fun preparing POs for your Vendors. Free up your own time and use your energy for the greater good: managing your projects and your company! Focus on networking and sales! Improve client experience and vendor satisfaction throughout your team!

And you know what? You will still have more time for your personal life, family, and hobbies. 

Let the software cut your working hours in half, let it do all the dreadful jobs instead of you, wile you only do what you are supposed to do: manage. Let it save you a bunch of time and then use that time to better connect, or re-connect with your colleagues, family and friends. 

That, is what our mission is, and that is what we are working every day trying to achieve for You!

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MiniTPMS in numbers





Years of Experience in Translation and Localization Industry put into the idea of a one-stop Solution for Translation Companies

Days of usage of miniTPMS at one of the first companies of our Early Adopters Club, without interruption whatsoever.

Seconds to enter a new Project for either one or five languages, which is already pretty good average time, but still not good for us: 

The optimal time to enter a multi-language complex task with workflow and resources already set up. This is what we are aiming for!

Our Story

Hi, my name is Nenad Andricsek and there is a reason why my team is creating "yet another" TMS. Over the last 19 years (and counting) in this industry, I am yet to find a solution that fits the needs of smaller players. In terms of employees, I mean. Because not everyone can afford 20 people on staff. So what about the needs of companies who work for other companies and direct clients? Of those who don't have tens of thousands of initial capital to invest into a solution that is not too basic? 

After 7 years of postponing the development, thinking someone will eventually come up with a solution, I finally realised: the only way to make this work, is if I create it from scratch. 

Using the experience large corporations taught me, combined with the needs of your usual "family business" LSPs and Translation Agencies the idea of miniTPMS was born and immediately put to action. 

If there was one thing this tool is aimed for, it is: creating more time for PMs and owners of LSPs. I have made it my mission to bring efficiency to the maximum, all while bringing time spent on data entry to minimum.  

Time is our most valuable asset. It's one of the things that are immediately gone forever. Why spend it with unnecessary administration, when an amazing number of things can be automated, shortened, combined and grouped, all in order to make your own life easier, your colleagues life easier, and your clients life easier. Management in every company is the most expensive thing. My aim is to create more time for you.

Instead of dealing with useless paper-work, You can now spend your time in a more useful way. Do you dream about the days when people were dealing with people, managers talked to clients and their representatives, where relationships were built in person and nurtured with a courtesy phone (or text message, I know, millennials).

This is what we want to do for You!

Do not wast 4 hours looking at the same spreadsheet where you cannot find what went wrong and why the "numbers don't ad up". 

Use technology at hand for that part! Use miniTPMS: quotes, finances, reports, purchase orders, workflows, project tracking, statuses, comments, do-do lists, reference information, style guides, clients, vendors, and a ton of other features...

This is the future nobody is talking about.

This is the system your clients, vendors and colleagues will like.

This is the software that will make your competitors hate you.

This is the thing that makes a difference between a business 'dream' of an amateur entrepreneur wannabe, and a professionally managed company.

And Now this software can be Yours!

MiniTPMS is a Translation Project Management System created by people who have been working in the translation and localization industry for nearly a quarter of a century. It's created with the help of Freelancers, Project Managers, and Agency owners and it is especially created for companies who want to be more efficient in their work.

During our time in the industry we have seen all kinds of needs, wishes, solutions and tried to customize our system to serve these needs and solutions. We realise there is no "one size fits all" TMS out there, but we firmly believe that our is the closest to something a small translation agency would need. Here's why:

We kept in mind that the center point of any company are the people in it. People, who should easily collaborate and communicate. Who could work on their own projects, but sometimes need to help a colleague with theirs.

Do You Have a Question?

Send your inquirey to Our Contact Page. 

Note: when you send us a mail through our contact page, I will respond to you directly. Yeah, I'm kind of a Customer centric freak.

Find out more on our main page.

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If You Likey, Spread the love, Y'All

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