Translation Project
Management System

For Smart LSPs who work with Small teams

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Why You Need To Throw Away Your Excel Sheets
For Your Own Good (*)

If you ever wished there is a solution to completely manage a small translation agency, starting from the quote request all the way through the translation and review process, to the end of line where the customer pays you

MiniTPMS helps You, the Translation Project Managers and Owners to streamline and automate business processes, save time and money. This intuitive project management system is an easy to use tool any modern business owner in the translation industry can use to de-clutter the company, and create perfect order of an otherwise chaotic situation. 

Why Consider A Translation Management System?

workflow automation


Speed up the Project Entry time to ridiculous levels, and make even the smallest projects become profitable.

Creating more complex projects in different languages without a proper tool is a nightmare. With miniTPMS tool it's easy: Customize workflows based on Your customer requirements - they will love You if you tailor your business to their needs.​

Real Finances

Find out your true "numbers", and profit margins. Not just based on project income and vendor cost. Our calculation will show you the exact costs and revenue of your in-house people, your vendors and freelancers, as well as your overhead, expenses, and real profit margins.

Cut your overhead in half! Want to know how? MiniTPMS can help you.

Easy and Up-To-Date

Forget the complicated, unfriendly Tools. Forever.

Track everything in real time, organize resources, prioritize your own, and your customer's needs.

Centralised place for all the data. All the time. All on one place. 

You and Your Colleagues Will Love MiniTPMS

(Or I Will Eat My Hat For Breakfast (**))

Who and What is TPMS for?

Mini TPMS is specially designed for owners and project managers of small translation and localization companies. If you have 2-10 in-house colleagues and work for both bigger translation agencies and end clients, this tracking, automation and localization project management system will make your life easier.

All information at your hand.​ Anytime. Anywhere.

Collaboration through supply chain

Use this lightweight translation project management system to let several people work on same jobs and never to forget their deadlines, tasks and ​roles. Let them easily manage their daily to-do's and establish a well tracked and documented routine.

Control everything. Several user access levels guarantee only the appropriate information is shared, not more, not less. Forget the overwhelming systems. Forget information overload. Clean and simple is the key. 

Collaboration between colleagues




Fast and Secured Access From Anywhere

Work on your company and company's projects from anywhere in the world! Make amazing things with just a couple of clicks!

When time is of essence, even project entry can be a daunting task. Use our tricks to reduce all administration to less than a minute. Or pretty darn close to that.

Intuitive Design and Straightforward Workflows is what this TMS is all about. No useless information, no screens stuffing with irrelevant data.​

Lightweight on the outside, complex on the inside

Tired of complicated TMS systems? They are a real overkill to use?

You came to the right place: MiniTPMS is proud of having one of the fastest data entry time, intuitive user interface, and a special proprietary verification system to bring data entry mistakes to minimum.

Outside it's a simple game, inside it's the right amount of complexity ​for all translation agency needs.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity on the outside. MiniTPMS is based on robust systems and covers everything you need to run a very successful and a profitable localization company. ​

Is MiniTPMS a good choice for your translation business? 

YES, if You are an agency owner or project manger, and have too much on your plate. Take the load off, increase productivity.

YES, if it is hard to keep track of day-to-day translation projects and finances. 

YES, if you are tired of Excel tables, data you cannot find because it's spread all over the place, and too many e-mails back and forth.

YES, if you are tired of wasting time with complicated TMS systems, and you want one that is fun to use. Like, really fun.

Process Automation And Streamlining Is The Key To Your Success

Let us Show You How it is Done, and How You Can Work Less, Work Better, and Work Smarter.